World History Part 1

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Q1. In which year, Alexander the Great become the king of Macedonia" ?
Ans:-336 BC
Q2. The European renaissance started from which country ?
Q3. On which island of Franch, Napoleon was born?
Ans:- Corsica
Q4. The Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year?
Ans:- 1815
Q5. In which year America got independence?
Q6. Who is known as the Artist of the world famous painting 'Mona Lisa'?
Ans:-Leonardo da Vinci
Q7.Who was the king during the french revolution?
Ans:-Louis XVI
Q8. The Hundred Years' War (from 1337 to 1453) was fought between?
Ans:-England and Franch
Q9. Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to which dynasty ?
Q10. 'Boston Tea Party' protest was associated with the revolution of?
Q11. Which king of England was forced to signed the 'Magna Carta'?
Ans:-King John
Q12. When the first Ancient Geek Olympic Game was begun?
Ans:-776 BC
Q13. Who was the author of United States Declaration of Independence? Ans:- Thomas Jefferson
Q14. Napoleon was exiled to the Saint Helena after the defeat in the war of?
Q15. Who was the President of America during American Civil War?
Ans:-Abraham Lincoln

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