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Q1.The first woman of Indian origin who undertook a space journey ?
Ans:- Kalpana Chawla
Q2.Sunita Williams is a ?
Ans:- Astronaut
Q3.The space shuttle which took Sunita Williams beyond earth was ?
Ans:- Discovery
Q4.Cryogenics is:
Ans:- Scientific study of very low temperatures
Q5.The first Commercial Civilian Aircraft developed by India is :
Ans:- Saras
Q6.Name the two research stations maintained by India in Antarctica
Ans:- Maitri and Bharti
Q7.What is the name of Research Station established by Indian Government for conducting research in Antarctic ?
Ans:- Dakshin Gangotri
Q8. For a missile launched with a velocity less than the earth’s escape velocity, the total energy is
Ans:- Negative
Q9.Microbial Type Culture Collection Centre is situated at:
Ans:- Chandigarh
Q10.The Indian National Grid Computing Initiative for Scientific Engineering and Academic Community is named
Ans:- Garuda


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