Rajasthan Gk Part 3

Admin 10:25 AM Rajasthan Gk Part 3

Q31. "Soniji Jain Nasiyan" is situated at ?
Ans:- Ajmer
Q32. The Bird Sanctuary famous for "Siberian Cranes" is ?
Ans:- Keoladeo Ghana
Q33. "Abhaneri" tourist place is famous for ?
Ans:- 8th centuary temple
Q34. The famous "Diggi" tank is at ?
Ans:- Ajmer
Q35. The Chittorgarh fort is constructed by ?
Ans:- Chitrang Morya
Q36. Which place is famous for ajrakh printing in Rajasthan ?
Ans:- Barmer
Q37. The composition that belongs to Mewar style of painting is ?
Ans:- Geet Govind
Q38. An ornament which is used by men ?
Ans:- Murkiyan
Q39. Place of Alwar district which was included in project tiger plan is ?
Ans:- Sariska National Park
Q40. Desert Festival is held at ?
Ans:- Jaisalmer
Q41. The name of the ruler who pioneered carpet manufacturing in Rajasthan is ?
Ans:- Man Singh I of Amer
Q42. The biggest salt lake of Rajasthan is ?
Ans:- Sambhar lake
Q43.Chavand School of painting was originated during the reign of ?
Ans:- Pratap
Q44. The followers of Jambhoji who obey 29 rules of Jambhoji are called ?
Ans:- Vishnoi
Q45. In which year Ajmer was merged into Rajasthan ?
Ans:- 1956

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