Rajasthan Gk Part 2

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Q16. Who was the first person to received Sahitya Akademi Award in rajasthani language ?
Ans:- Vijaydan Detha
Q17. The Som Kamla Amba irrigation project is related to which district ?
Ans:- Dungarpur
Q18. Which place in Rajasthan is selected for "Cheetah reintroduction Scheme" by Indian Government ?
Ans:- Shahgarh
Q19. The Rajasthan Atomic Power Station was established with the help of which country ?
Ans:- Canada
Q20. Which industrial zone in Rajasthan is also known as "Japanese Zone" ?
Ans:- Neemrana
Q21. Rajasthan handicrafts products are sold under the name of ?
Ans:- Rajasthali
Q22. The Rajasthan Atomic Power Station was established in the year ?
Ans:- 1973
Q23. Who wrote the novel "Duvidha" and " Alekhun Hitler" ?
Ans:- Vijaydan Detha
Q24. During the siege of which Fort, Akbar face the maximum resistance from Jaimal and Patta ?
Ans:- Chittorgarh
Q25. The Rajasthan Sports University is located in ?
Ans:- Jhunjhunu
Q26. In which princely state of Rajputana Azad Morcha was established ?
Ans:- Jaipur
Q27. Which districts has the highest forest area in Rajasthan ?
Ans:- Udaipur
Q28. Choupa is an ornament worn in ?
Ans:- Nose
Q29. The Jahangir Mahal is located in ?
Ans:- Puskar
Q30.The plateau called "Bhorat" is situated in which district ?
Ans:- Udaipur

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