Modern History Part 28

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Q1.Where was Azad Hind Fauj set up ?
Ans:- Singapur
Q2.The first mass movement started by Mahatma Gandhi was ?
Ans:- Non-Co-operation Movement
Q3.Who developed the idea that 'means justify the ends' ?
Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi
Q4.Who had founded the Independent League ?
Ans:- Moti Lal Nehru
Q5. Mahatma Gandhi's close English compatriot during the freedom movement was ?
Ans:- Charlie Freer (C.F.) Andrews
Q6.Who was regarded by Mahatma Gandhi as his 'Political Guru' ?
Ans:- Gopal Krishna Gokhle
Q7.Mahatma Gandhi's remark, 'A post-dated cheque on a crumbling bank' is regarding the proposals of ?
Ans:- Cripps Mission
Q8.The historic Dandi March is associated with ?
Ans:- Violation of Salt law
Q9.Who declared as his ultimate aim the 'wiping of every tear from every eye' ?
Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru
Q10.After Chauri-Chaura incident, Gandhiji suspended the ?
Ans:- Non-Co-operation Movement

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