Modern History Part 20

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Q1.Where had Baba Ramchandra organised the farmers ?
Ans:- Awadh
Q2.Mundas rose revolt in ?
Ans:- 1899
Q3.Who was the leader of revolt of the Mundas in 1899-1900 ?
Ans:- Birsa Munda
Q4.Bhil revolts against the British in ?
Ans:- M.P. and Maharashtra
Q5.Which was the tribal movement occurred outside Bihar ?
Ans:- Kali Revalt
Q6.Who founded All India Harijan Sevak Sangh ?
Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi
Q7.Who presided over the first session of All India Kisan Sabha ?
Ans:- Swami Sahajanand
Q8.Which was the working area of Birsa Munda ?
Ans:- Ranchi
Q9.The militant phase of the trade union movement in India was ?
Ans:- 1926-39
Q10.Who founded Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association ?
Ans:-Mahatma Gandhi

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