Modern History Part 19

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Q1.Siddhu was associated with ?
Ans:- Santhal Rebellion
Q2.Who were the leaders associated with the Santhal Rebellion of 1855-56 ?
Ans:- Siddhu and Kanhu
Q3.The All India Kisan Sabha was formed in ?
Ans:- 1936
Q4.Birsa Munda was in favour of ?
Ans:-Munda Raj
Q5.Who was the leader of Champaran Indigo Movement ?
Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi
Q6.The Kuka movement started in mid -nineteenth century in ?
Ans:- Western Punjab
Q7.Moplah Revolt of 1921 took place in ?
Ans:- Kerala
Q8.Kol Revolt of 1831-32 was led by ?
Ans:- Buddhu Bhagat
Q9.Gandhiji's Champaran Movement was for ?
Ans:- Solving the problem of indigo Workers
Q10.Who was the founder of the Satya Shodhak Samaj ?
Ans:- Jyotibha Phule

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