Modern History Part 17

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Q1.During the period of the Indian freedom struggle, who started the Central Hindu School ?
Ans:- Annie Besant
Q2.The Mohemmadan Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh was founded by ?
Ans:- Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Q3.Who pioneered the social and religious movement of the 19th Century in India ?
Ans:- Raja Rammohan Roy
Q4.Who founded the Bethune College in Calcutta ?
Ans:- Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
Q5.Who is known as the 'Father of Modern India' ?
Ans:- Raja Rammohan Roy
Q6.The Arya Samaj was founded by ?
Ans:- Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Q7.Who founded the Fort William College at Calcutta ?
Ans:- Lord Ellenborough
Q8.The Scientific Society was founded by ?
Ans:- Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Q9.Who was the founder of the Servants Of India Society ?
Ans:- Gopal Krishna Gokhle
Q10.Who was the inspirator behind the Young Bengal Movement ?
Ans:- Henry Vivian Derozio

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