Modern History Part 12

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Q1.Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal ?
Ans:- Mir Kasim
Q2.The East India Company secured the Diwani from ?
Ans:- Shah Alam II
Q3.Who was the Governor General tomerge Sindh in British India ?
Ans:- Lord Ellenborough
Q4.The state of Jhansi was made a part of the British Empire in India through ?
Ans:- The Policy of Doctrine of Lapse
Q5.How did the Mughal Emperor Jahandar Shah reign come to an early end ?
Ans:- He was defeated by his nephew in a battle
Q6.The main cause of the conflict between Nawab Sirajuddaula and the East India Company was that ?
Ans:- The British misused the Dustaq (free duty passes)
Q7.What was the reason of ground for the British Empire to annex Sambalpur in 1850 ?
Ans:- Death of its ruler without an heir
Q8.The Dual Government recommended by Lord Clive provided that the ?
Ans:- Criminal justice would be left to the Nawabi officials, while civil and fiscal matters would be controlled by the company
Q9.In March 1784. on the insistence of whom the treaty of manglore was signed ?
Ans:- Lord Macartine
Q10.In what commodity the English first conducted trade from India ?
Ans:- Indigo

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