Kids Gk Besic Part 10

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91. Who is the chairman of Niti aayog?
Answer: The Prime minister of India
92. Who is the first women prime minister of India ?
Answer: Indira Gandhi
93. Who was the first women president of India ?
Answer: Pratibha Devisingh Patil
94.The state which is known as "Sugar bowl of India"?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh
95. The instrument used to measure Blood pressure?
Answer: Sphygmomanometer
96. Super computer was invented by?
Answer: Seymour Cray
97.What is the Expansion for LED?
Answer: Light emitting Diode
98. The largest Democracy in the world?
Answer: India
99.The longest written Constitution in the world?
Answer: Indian constitution
100. Metal used to make the filaments of bulbs?
Answer: Tungsten

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