Current Affairs 29 June 2021

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Q1. According to Ind-Ra, what is the projected GDP growth rate of Indian economy for 2021-22 (FY22)?
Ans:- 9.6%

Q2.Who has becomes joint top-scorer in men’s international football?
Ans:- Cristiano Ronaldo

Q3. Who has been honoured with the highest civilian award of Mongolia “The Order of Polar Star”?
Ans:- RK Sabharwal

Q4. Who has promised 300 units of free electricity to each family in Punjab ahead of Assembly polls next year?
Ans:- Arvind Kejriwal

Q5. ISRO is scheduled to launch its first uncrewed mission in which month this year?
Ans:- December 2021

Q6. Which space agency is planning to launch first disabled astronaut in space?
Ans:- ESA

Q7. Who has topped the recently released Arton Capital Passport Index?
Ans:- Germany

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