India Gk Part 7

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Q1.Who is the author of the autobiography 'The Indian Struggle' ?
Ans:- Subhash Chandra Bose
Q2.Where was the first iron and steel industry of India established ?
Ans:- Jamshedpur
Q3.The Introduction of local self-government in the modern
period of India is associated with the administration of ?
Ans:- Lord Ripon
Q4.Who was the first Portuguese Viceroy in India?
Ans:- Francisco de Almeida
Q5.The first women to become a Chief Minister of any State in India was ?
Ans:- Sucheta Kriplani
Q6.Khalsa was founted by ?
Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh
Q7.Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak ?
Ans:- Talwandi
Q8.Who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights enumerated in Indian Constitution ?
Ans:- Supreme Court
Q9.Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with 'Fundamental Rights'?
Ans:- Part III
Q10.The first Defence Minister of India was
Ans:- Baldev Singh

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