India Gk Part 4

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Q1.Sarus crane is the state bird of ?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh
Q2.'Bhopal gas tragedy' 1984 is related to ?
Ans:- Methyl isocyanate
Q3.The first Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was launched in ?
Ans:- 1975
Q4. Where is the shore based steel plant located ?
Ans:- Vishakhapatnam
Q5. Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by ?
Ans:- President
Q6.The Indian Parliament consists of ?
Ans:- The President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
Q7.Upanishad are books on ?
Ans:- Philosophy
Q8.The First Governor General and Viceroy of British India was ?
Ans:- Lord Canning
Q9.Who is the author of the book 'A Foreign Policy of India' ?
Ans:- IK Gujral
Q10.Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India ?
Ans:- Electric power generation

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