India Gk Part 3

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Q1.The largest sugarcane producing State in India ?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh
Q2. In which State are the Aravalli ranges located ?
Ans:- Rajasthan
Q3. Kaziranga is known for ?
Ans:- One-horned Rhino
Q4.Which is the 5th largest mountain in the world at 8740 m ?
Ans:- K-2
Q5. Chief mineral product of West Bengal is ?
Ans:- Coal
Q6. Tha Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is an ?
Ans:- Assam
Q7. The femous Rajarani temple is located at ?
Ans:- Bhubaneswar
Q8. Bhakra Dam is build across the River ?
Ans:- Sutlej
Q9. Ajanta paintings depict scenes from the ?
Ans:- Jatakas
Q10. Number of Countries which have a common border with India is ?
Ans:- 6

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