Current Affairs 1 Aug 2020

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Q1.Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a
flagship programme of this Ministry.
Ans:- Human Resources and Development
Q2.Lok Sabha MP, Somendra Nath Mitra died on July 30,
2020. He was a President of which of the following state?
Ans:- West Bengal
Q3.Who represented India at the 6th BRICS Environment Ministers' Meeting?
Ans:- Prakash Javadekar
Q4.Which country has released its
first list of verified news portals?
Ans:- Bangladesh
Q5.World day against trafficking in persons was observed on;
Ans:- July 30
Q6.When is Muslim Women's Rights Day observed?
Ans:- 1 August
Q7.Which country is expected to assume the BRICS Presidency in 2021?
Ans:- Russia
Q8.When was the Smart India Hackathon (SIH) began?
Ans:- 31st July
Q9.The Underground Ballistic Missiles during
'Great Prophet 14' Military Exercise was launched by;
Ans:- Iran
Q10.Which Ministry was awarded the SKOCH Gold Award?
Ans:- Ministry of Tribal Affairs

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