Assam Gk Part 1

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Q1.The no. of Loksabha seats in Assam are now
Ans:- 14
Q2. The Tribal League in Assam was founded in the of ?
Ans:- 1937
Q3. The first Community Radio in Assam was started by
Ans:- K K H State Open University
Q4. The first Civil servant from Assam was ?
Ans:- Anundoram Barua
Q5. The Navagraha temple of Guwahati is situated on the crest of the hill
Ans:- Chitrachal
Q6. The Kamrupa King who took part in the Mahabharata War
Ans:- Bhagadatta
Q7. The Digali pukhuri in Guwahati is associated with
Ans:- Bhagadatta
Q8.'Patharighatar Ron' took place in
Ans:- Darrang
Q9.The Ahoms entered the Brahmaputra Vally in
Ans:- 1228 AD
Q10.The first Assamese colour film was
Ans:- Bhaity

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