Current Affairs 10 Jan 2020

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1.The ancient city which is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Mahabhashya both
Ans:- Viratnagar (Barath)

2.Who released a coffee table book filled with over hundreds of photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from his "107 overseas and bilateral visits" in January 2021?
Ans:- Adesh Gupta

3.The Chief Minister of which state launched Bindu Sagar Cleaning Project in January 2021?
Ans:- Odisha

4.Which of the following IITs organised its first-ever convocation ceremony in hybrid mode in January 2021? Ans:- IIT Jammu

5.Who has launched the TESOL Core Certificate Program for English teachers of Delhi government schools?
Ans:- Manish Sisodia

6.The Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) dedicated Indigenous Retractable Landing Gear Systems for TAPAS UAV, SWiFT UAV to the nation. CVRDE is based in which city?
Ans:- Chennai

7.Turlapati Kutumba Rao passed away in January 2021. In which year was he awarded the Padma Shri?
Ans:- 2002

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