India Gk Part 1

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Q1.The famous Lagoon lake of India is ?
Ans:- Pulicat Lake
Q2. Where is the famous temple having the deities of 'Trimurti'
of Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva ?
Ans:- Suchindram
Q3.The oldest oil refinery in India is at ?
Ans:- Digboi (in Assam)
Q4.The longest highway in India runs form ?
Ans:- Jammu to Kanyakumari
Q5. There is a traditional flower arrangement
called Athapoo. In which festival is used ?
Ans:- Onam
Q6. Kuchipudi is a dance drama of which States ?
Ans:- Andhra Pradesh
Q7.'Peace on Earth' is the massage of which festivals ?
Ans:- Christmas
Q8. How many National waterways are there in India ?
Ans:- 5
Q9.India's lergest museum is located at ?
Ans:- Kolkata
Q10.Bombay High is famous for ?
Ans:- offshore oil exploration

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