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Q1.The World Largest desert is ?
Ans:- Sahara
Q2.Country that has the highest in Barley Production ?
Ans:- Russia
Q3.Mount Everest is located in ?
Ans:- Nepal
Q4.Which soil is suitable for agriculture ?
Ans:- Peaty soil
Q5.The Gate way of India is ?
Ans:- Mumbai
Q6.The first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission was ?
Ans:- Dr.H.J.Bhabha
Q7.D.D.T. was invented by ?
Ans:- Mosley
Q8.Which is considered as the biggest port of India ?
Ans:- Mumbai
Q9.The gas used for making vegetables is ?
Ans:- Hydrogen
Q10.The chief ore of Aluminium is ?
Ans:- Bauxite
Q11.Country that was called as Land of Rising Sun ?
Ans:- Japan
Q12.Pink city in India is ?
Ans:- Jaipur
Q13.Deficiency of Iron leads to ?
Ans:- Anaemia
Q14.The state which has desert in India is ?
Ans:- Rajasthan
Q15.The largest fresh water lake in India is ?
Ans:- Kolleru Lake

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