Ancient History Part 1

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Q1.The Harappan Civilization was discovered in the year ?
Ans:- 1921
Q2.The earliest city was discovered in India was ?
Ans:- Harappa
Q3.The largest concentration of Harappan sites has been found along the ?
Ans:- Ghaggar-Hakra
Q4.The Indus Valley Civiliazation specialised in ?
Ans:- Town planning
Q5.An advanced water management system of Harappan times has been unearthed at ?
Ans:- Dholavira
Q6.A copper chariot Of Harappa times was discovered at ?
Ans:- Daimabad
Q7.Who discovered the Indus valley Civilization?
Ans:- Dayaram Sahni
Q8.The archaeological finds from Alamgirpur in Ghaziabad district reflected the ?
Ans:- Harappa Culture
Q9.Cotton for textile was first cultivated in ?
Ans:- India
Q10.Rock cut architecture in Harappan culture context has been found at ?
Ans:- Dholavira

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